Shell Beach, Western Australia

Shell Beach, Western Australia, this is not just beach sand but gazillions of shells 😍

Blue Sky, Red Sand by aabzimaging. Mangroves at Roebuck Bay in Broome, Western Australia

Mangroves at Roebuck Bay in Broome, Western Australia. For the best of Australia's art, food, culture, travel head to our Pacific section on The Culture Trip:

Broome pearls Western Australia..some of the most perfect pearls in the world come from Australia

South Sea pearls, the pearls of Broome, are the largest and finest in the world with a silvery whiteness or overtones of rose, blue or gold. Broome pearls average 13 mm in diameter, while other species will usually top at best.

The Skipping Girl neon sign, photographed in 1968. "Little Audrey", Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia. Via The Age. Erected in 1937, the locally iconic advertising sign for Skipping Girl Vinegar, achieved official state heritage registration in 2007.

Skipping Girl Vinegar - original little Audrey sign and related advertising with company name Nycander & Co who also traded as the Vinegar Company of Australia as embossed on the bottles.

Sun Pictures Cinema, Broome, Australia. The seating is still made up of deck chairs and the lavatories are marked “Humphrey’s” and “Vivien’s” as a nod to early Hollywood stars.

World's Coolest Movie Theaters

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