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Fuck Yeah Sharon Needles : Photo

Sharon Needles at Amanda Lepore’s book signing for her new book ‘Doll Parts’

Tzimisce or Nosferatu?

Grace " ohhh I love horror flick" says tax free christian who dont really do much but call names mock and start crap

perfect wig for an "under the sea" themed costume #seawitch #teal #halloween

New Fantasy Imported Fresh From The Other World steampunktendencies: “The Kraken” by Straight-Laced Boutique Via 亗 Dr. Emporio Efikz 亗 steampunktendencies: “ “The Kraken” by Straight-Laced Boutique ”

Hair for sea witch costume - this is just the coolest idea ever! I love how her hair is the Kraken!

Instead of hair - create hat like ship for Pirates under the Stars. that's a hairdo. Hair made to look like waves and a pirate ship on top of your head. Maybe could dye your hair blue and green and have part of it look like an octopus.