I Quit Sugar shares their recipe for sugar-free coconut ice from their updated Christmas Cookbook.

Sugar-Free Coconut Ice

Sugar-Free Coconut Ice - I Quit Sugar (swap out the rice syrup for low carb sweetener)

Sweet Onion Meatballs

Sweet Onion Meatballs

Meatballs with a hint of caramelised onion throughout, these sweet onion meatballs are a delicious and healthy family meal.(could be nice with zuchini noodles)

5 Reasons To Ditch Sugar For Happier & Healthier Kids

5 Reasons To Ditch Sugar For Happier & Healthier Kids

Sugar Intake For Children Should Not Be More Than Prescribed Levels

Quitting Sugar? Here's where to start...

Fats and Oils Ready Reckoner. From the author of 'Toxic Oil', & 'Sweet Poison', David Gillepsie.

Sugar Free Sweet Potato and Walnut Cake

Eat less sugar and stop sugar cravings with the help of a recovered sugar addict. Laura Thomas helps you have happy sugar habits!

Over processed, seed oil- and sugar-loaded treats, conveniences and condiments should be avoided.

Good v bad: navigating the supermarket aisle

Organic Authority

3 Juice Recipes to Fight Candida, the Flu and Inflammation + What is the Future of Fluoridated Water? + 6 (More) Perennial Vegetables to Plant

Get sugar smart

Get Sugar Smart

Are you a sugar addict? You NEED to heed this advice.

Cardamom and sea salt chocolate tart

Cardamom + Sea Salt Ganache Tart

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