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How can you break a phone by sitting on it?

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Television personalities Maddie Ziegler (L) and Mackenzie Ziegler attend the 'Dance Moms' meet and greet benefiting Starlight Children's Foundation at Stoopher & Boots on September 2012 in New York City.

Oh paige I love you

You and Chloe were always the sunshine on dance moms! Always so happy

Dance moms comics credit to @aashnamalhotra: "Kendall: Hey Chloe! Look at me! Chloe: Look how high MY kicks are! Brooke: I'm the best of all! Sophia: You guys are hilarious!"

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Maddie's hair looks really pretty in that first square lol

Maddy& hair looks really pretty in that first square lol

dance moms comics - Google Search

Dance mom comic so true

Dance Moms this sounds like something that my sis would say

HAHAHAH//funny//dancemoms this sounds like something i would do hehehe

Dance moms

A 6 pack of chicken nuggets


but paiges face tho lol.

worst at cheer when your flyer falls on your head! trust me it happened to me

*looks at your hair* Kenz? Do you want me to do your hair?