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Lisa Vandervelde
Lisa Vandervelde

Lisa Vandervelde

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Build Sexier Biceps

The secret to building sexier biceps for women and men Get your arms, shoulders, back and chest ready for tank top season with this upper body workout. A 20 minute routine for a slim, sexy and toned upper body.

5 minute inner thigh blasting workout! Sculpt those inner thighs, get rid of the jiggle, and minimize the rubbing. Do these moves in front of the TV, during your work break, or first thing in the morning. Make it a habit, no excuses! Quick, simple, no gym necessary!

YOUR FULL NAME WORKOUT! Spell out your name and you got your workout for the day! ;) Have fun!

Get lean and strong with this sexy legs workout.

9 toning and slimming leg exercises to work your inner and outer thighs, hips, quads, hamstrings and calves.

Happy Weekend + 5 Things I Love #12- Interior Inspo

Beautiful and modern black and white bathroom with white subway tiles from Dulux colour gallery. Love the detailing on the floor!

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