Baby Food Jar Animals

BABY FOOD JAR ANIMALS: What does your pet look like? Make one out of a baby food jar.

Dishware Birdfeeder

Make It! Secondhand Chic: Quick & Easy Garden Decor

Aboriginal Handprint Art

Create Aboriginal Handprint Art

Shredded Paper Flower Bouquet

Create a Shredded Paper Flower Bouquet

Art Lessons For Kids - Painting With Paper Matisse flowers. Supplies: flesh colored construction paper, variety of colored papers for flowers.also can teach about Pablo Picasso's painting of flowers

Easy-Weave Newsprint Basket

Easy-Weave Newsprint Basket -- not these baskets, but I'm thinking about the prospect of framing an entire children's grade of one project in newspaper. Like newspaper for the mat, and then construction paper for the frame.

Bug Village

Bug Village is a fun idea for summer camp crafts and other nature crafts for kids this summer! Checklist Tips Gear Idea Camp

Pexiglass Paint Project

Plexiglass Paint Project

*do the directions in reverse like window painting. Get frame w/ plexi paint then pop it in frame when done. Plexiglass Paint Project You'll want to make room for this modern, easy-for-kids painting project

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