De rode zandweg naar Uluru in Australië. Heb je ooit eerder een roadtrip op zo'n unieke plek gemaakt?

The red road to Uluru in Australia - if you've ever wanted to do a trip, check our luxury tours and benchmark tours that take in Uluru kirkhopeaviation. - Dream Homes

Quokka, Rottnest Island, Western Australia

The Quokka is a native Australian animal found only on Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Get up close and personal. Just the cutest little critter. Small kangaroo like that also carries her joey in a pouch.

Outback, Australia, rare and remote area with lots of typical red sand.

Outback, Australia, rare and remote area with lots of typical red sand ~ ~ for the best customized tours & tips in Nice, France ~ delicious healthy recipes created & home made by Elky ~ food.

cemetery in Innamincka, outback South Australia

Note from person I pinned this from: 'Cemetery in Innamincka, Outback South Australia -- A rather nice place to RIP, even with all that red dust, although I don't suppose you'd mind it's persistent adherence when you've passed on.

You say 'Straya instead of Australia.

33 Ways You Know You're Australian

I iz Thorny Devil. I live in Central Australia. I iz bery, bery fierce.... but my thorns iz not sharp, I not bite you or hurt you.

What a cutey - the thorny devil lizard or Moloch - features a spiny "false head" on the back of its neck, and the lizard presents this to potential predators by dipping its real head.

Big Red sand dunes - over 200km long, 40m high and oh, so red... Simpson Desert, Central Australia.

The Simpson Desert covers 3 states in Central Australia. Red sand dunes - cover an area of over (The tallest is high and Longest is over