Aboriginal art: Mimi spirit

Spirits of the Dreamtime

So as you've probably gathered, I take great pride in claiming my Aboriginal heritage and have been working with the spirits of my ancestors for months now. I've been calling on the Mimi spirits wh.

There is so much about Australia that I love, however, I have always been interested in the beautiful art of our indigenous Australians . With this in mind I thought it might be fun for Possum and I to make our own version of the traditional musical instruments called clapping sticks. Suggested Age: 2 years + You will …

Aboriginal Clapping Sticks

Mallee ant eaten didgeridoos, crafted and decorated by Aboriginal Artists.

Mallee ant eaten didgeridoos crafted by Aboriginal artists. (selling on Gift Log)


120 x - The Butler Goode Gallery - Nellie Marks Nakamarra - Born: 1976 - Area: Kintore, Central Australia - Tribe: Luritja

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