DM43 - Brutal Lobbies G02 with Commentary. #PS4BWIN

This is the second game from the episode 43 lobby with commentary from myself. WARNING This game contains some low level coarse language.

DM43 - Brutal Lobbies G01 #PS4BWIN

DM43 - Brutal Lobbies G01 #PS4BWIN

DM41 - Back in the saddle 01 - 10k #PS4BWIN

This was my first look at Charlestown which I have only played outside of DM a couple of times leaving me a little lost so I ended up spending a bit of .

DM40 AC4 MP Deathmatch @ Santa Lucia DM2 - Feat. MedievalXEpert

MP Deathmatch @ Tampa Bay My first run on Tampa Bay and I came away really liking the map. It has lots low objects with corners galore. Just the way I like it.

Competitive DM (Stealthy) - Hide

- Is the commentary to low?

G.3: Really Competitive DM (Stealthy) #PS4BWIN

The fact that Im sitting here contemplating wether or not I should attatch a "stealthy" tag to this video, shows how far DM has fallen in that regard.

G.2: Really Competitive DM (Stealthy)

Really Competitive DM (Stealthy)

G.1: Really competitive DM (Stealthy)

Really competitive DM (Stealthy)