Kenta Takizawa

Kenta Takizawa

Kenta Takizawa
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ivory Netsuke - Google Search

Ivory and Horn. 1975 HEIGHT CM The work of a modern master born 1931 in Tokyo. According to legend, the rabbit turns snow white after 1000 years of age.

SFR Mail

12 Netsuke in Mamouth Ivory depicting the 12 animals of the Zodiac. This is the year of the Horse- 2014 from

mouse netsuke

Ivory netsuke rat (not hare). Netsuke are miniature carvings used as toggles/fasteners in traditional Japanese dress.

Netsuke Susan Wraight

Midnight by Susan Wraight Netsuke, hand-carved & stained boxwood, inlaid amber and gold leaf eyes;

Ivory and mother of pearl inlay netsuke pile of shells 19th century

Ivory and mother of pearl inlay netsuke, pile of shells, century

Monkey in Clam Netsuke - 19th Century Ivory, Japanese

Monkey in Clam Netsuke I'm not sure why a monkey would be in a clam shell, but I love his facial expression.