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Sydney, Australia / I am a 60 something disabled bloke trying my best to lead a normal life
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The African bush elephant or African savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana) is the larger of the two species of African elephant

These 30 animals that look like they're smiling are bound to warm even the stone-cold jaded hearts among us. Not so fast, however – the scientific jury is still out on whether or not animals can/do actually smile. However, scientists are increasingly warming up to the idea that animals may have a more complex range of emotions and that some of them may even have facial expressions similar to ours.

26 Happiest Animals in the World. This elephant. Secret to happiness: Ability to blow water out of nose; having no particular place to be. Favorite thing: Hurrying anyway.


After spending two years in the womb, calves will nurse for an additional two years. The bond between mother and baby elephant is one of the strongest in the animal kingdom

exPress-o: Elephant Nursery In Kenya

NAIROBI KENYA - An elephant nursery in Kenya! Sheldrick Foundation rescue orphaned elephants and rehabilitate them into the wild.

Aww, such a moving story :)

The abused circus elephants who were reunited at an elephant sanctuary after 25 years apart. This is true friendship.