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Australian States and Territories Student Worksheets

Here is a pack of worksheets for use with your students as they learn about the states and territories of Australia. This pack is perfect for making a workbook for your students to fill in as they learn about each state and territory.There is a page for each state, covering the floral and fauna emblem, climate, capital city, landmarks and natural features.Each state and territory is featured on a separate page so students can delve deeper into the geography of the place they currently…

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HASS Australia Bundle Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander History and Geography

Australia Bundle - History, Geography and Indigenous Population Information. Worksheets, Information Slides and Activities aligned to the Australian curriculum for Years 2 and 3.

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Introducing Australian History

Introducing Australian History - A big list of resources and FREE PRINTABLE AUSTRALIAN HISTORY TIMELINE CARDS

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HASS Key Historic Events Aboriginal Australia 12 Slides on Australian History

Explore the history of Indigenous people of Australia through a timeline of Aboriginal History from first arrival to present day. Directly applies to the following curriculum strands in ACARA: YEAR 3 – History