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Wonder Pony, My Little Pony by

Fuckin favorite pony Wonder Woman Pony mlp fim my little pony friendship is magic

Rainbow Brite... so Cute 90's

One of my earliest style icons was Rainbow Brite. I had a Rainbow Brite T-shirt that was my signature in college. When I was I got a purple star tattooed on my back, in honor of RB.

The Worm from Labyrinth with word "ello"

A sketch of another character from the "Labyrinth" movie. This worm is really adorable xD Brian Froud did a very good job designing many of this charact. The Worm - Labyrinth

This week marked the 25th anniversary of the release of Labyrinth, Jim Henson�s classic fantasy movie. Description from I searched for this on

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Labyrinth, Jim Henson’s classic fantasy movie. Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal had a huge impact on me as a kid .