LEARNING STORIES--this is an interesting idea. Te Whariki New Zealand early childhood curriculum

This shows how to create a learning story as a record of what an educator has seen a child or group of children do during an activity. Great to give to whanau as evidence of a child's learning.

Activities and sheets on planning and tracking and observing children

OBSERVING CHILDREN - This observation sheet is similar to what is used in my practicum setting. This is a good way to record your observations of children's play and interests and will help you to plan future activities.

I like the tree on the wall. There are many ideas you can do with it.

Pin 6 - Reflecting and valuing families in the learning environment creates connectedness and a sense of belonging.

I love this look for the entrance of a child care. Pictures are a great idea.

Maybe 10 frames - 5 on top displaying each trait poster and 5 on bottom displaying students' photos and their quote about the mindset trait they used

This is a nice simple tool to keep handy

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Creative Construction poster by Garden Gate Child Development Center ≈ ≈ For more inspiring pins: pinterest.com/...

creative construction at Garden Gate Child Development Center - with full size text and direct link to more panels like this one

More ideas