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Coming to the next one we have realized so far that pallet is such a great stuff that it gives you the complete freedom of making the things that you just imagine and wish to have. So this is also something perfect for your kids projects where they learn a lot in the creating process. Here is a hut shaped small house that could be used as your baby girl’s doll house or may be your little boy may make it a living room for his friend Mickey mouse. This is also recycled with the wooden pallet.
How To Build A Hammock Stand  If you love the idea of a hammock in your yard, but don’t have any trees, this is the solution. It’s a great addition to your outdoor space, looking beautiful with its pergola roof.
Corrugated sheets
How to Build a Rustic Outdoor Sofa the Easy Way - Easy to follow instructions featured on <3 via @vanessacrafting
Pallet by Bonacina Pierantonio (Designer Piero Lissoni).
Tier considerations if we decide to remove the garage and replace with shed.
Industrial House Number DIY
Pallet L-Shaped Sofa for Patio / Couch | 101 Pallet Ideas - Sequin Gardens
Corner Shelf Made of Plywood.