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How to Boost Students' Musical Creativity: The use of the imagination to generate original ideas is performed in the right-brain hemisphere as a student composes, plays and sings with the programs at MusicEDU. But what about the left brain hemisphere?


Canon in D Remix by Rose Edwards and Kathleen Clarke. Brunswick Secondary College

Kate Hargreaves, Director MusicEDU -- Discover our exciting programs: MusicEDU programs, Keyboard Evolution, Studio Sessions and TrackFormers

MusicEDU Competition 2016 Semester 2

Contemporary Music Curriculum already written for you. Now thats something to smile about!

Take the tour of the 2017 Keyboard Evolution program and see behind the scenes of the digital ebook and website resources

See behind the scenes of the DJ program, TrackFormers. Take a tour of the resources including digital ebook and website.

5 x A1 sized, beautifully designed & inspirational posters for the classroom including quotes from Ed Sheeran, Adele, Pharrell Williams, Lorde & Bruno Mars.

Take a look at the Studio Sessions program including the digital ebook and website resources.