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Scenes and characters from The Kane Chronicles.

Kane Chronicles by is SO AWESOME <<< There isn't enough Kane Chronicles fanart out there. Not enough to stuff like this.

I don’t see what’s bad about “fighting like a girl”. Annabeth is pretty badass. It'd be awesome if I could fight like her.

Omg I love this picture of her! It shows her in a strong, athletic way ( like Rick described in the Lightning Theif) and does not have the ideal perfect model body. This picture actually gives her muscles and the fierce look that she is known for.

"It was the best underwater kiss of all time..." ~Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian

"It was the best underwater kiss of all time." ~Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian>>>This picture is so beautiful and I love Percabeth❤️

Percabeth selfie! Isn't that just adorable!

Percabeth selfie <<< Does anyone notice Percy's thumb at the top?>>> nooooooo was that a thumb? Pft I would've NEVER noticed that! I thought it was a pale orange! YES I NOTICED IT IM NO IDIOT

The Last Olympians (Pg.190) by hamabee #Percabeth

In a flash I understood what had happened…. (The Last Olympian, pg.

head canon acc E P T E D

Hahahahaha but imagine if you were near, like, the hot springs in Yellowstone. His eyes would be crazy psychedelic. Or those red algae lakes, his eyes WOULD TURN RED hahahha can you imagine how much that would freak them out at first hahahahhaha