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Fractions, Decimals,Percents

Convert Fractions to Decimals, Percents: Pinning for my kids.I wish a teacher had used something like this when I was in elementary school. Fractions, decimals and percents would have made SO much more sense to me!

Secondary Math Lesson Plan with Downloadable Files and Printables for teaching the Mayan Number System - Students explore two-digit and three-digit numbers.

Teaching the Mayan Number System - Investigating Different Bases - Math Giraffe

Point of view eyeballs

Point of View eyeballs- Students create a view from a particular perspective. How colonists viewed events leading to Revolutionary War

Idea: What did the character see?  Have students draw an important scene from the novel in the center of the character's eye.

Art Projects for Kids: An Eye for Magritte. Loading Animation What did the character see? Draw the scene in the center of the eye.directions given

Poster display for classroom expectations/community building   $

Cute for primary grades! Poster display for classroom expectations/community building. (If you want each student can have a clothespin with their name. When they display one of these, pin it to the corresponding expectation!

Tattling Game for smartboard

The question is why we love funny monkey pictures? And the answer is so simple that Monkeys are considered as the smartest animals on planet earth.