50 ways to inspire your husband

50 Ways to Inspire Your Husband. ideas to make your hubby feel valued, appreciated and cherished

Are you loving your husband the way he needs to be loved or the way you need to be loved? Here are 25 ways to make sure your message gets through.

25 Ways to Speak Your Spouse's Love Language

Love your spouse the way he needs to be loved with these 25 ways to speak your spouse's love language based off of Gary Chapman's "The 5 Love Languages.

4 ideas for when communication is difficult in marriage

4 Ideas for when Communication is Difficult

Communication is difficult and can be particularly tough in marriage. Here are 4 suggestions for when you are struggling to communicate.

These tips will help open the lines of communication in your marriage and help you finally understand each other!

How to Effectively Communicate with Your Spouse

Lol. Suits our home, we love quirky/funny wall art

I love you more than yesterday. Yesterday you got on my nerves. But I love you EVERY DAY FOREVER and always.

Six books that gave me hope in a struggling marriage

I am married 11 years today! Here are some words of hope to a struggling wife

I love you because... (update daily)

Framed fabric/paper with a dry erase marker for writing on the glass - cute. Framed fabric/paper with a dry erase marker for writing on the glass - cute. Framed fabric/paper with a dry erase marker for writing on the glass - cute.

"unleash your inner child" datenight ideas

Ideas for an "unleash your inner child" themed date night.


How to Help Your Husband When He's Struggling With Life

Did you know that as a wife can help your husband when he's struggling?

Perfect Marrige is just two imperfect people rustic wood wall decor

A Perfect Marriage, Engraved Wood Signs, A Perfect Marriage Quote, Unique wedding gift ideas

"A perfect marriage" is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other wall decor. Rustic design, made from reclaimed wood with white painted letters. Customize it with your names and d

We have both introverts and extroverts in our family. Balancing the needs of both can be challenging.

How to care for introvert, are you an extrovert, introvert personality tips, extrovert personality tips, Am I an extrovert or an introvert? It's funny because I'm extrovert so I can easily relate to introverts and some times think I am an introvert.

TEXT:  "I want the kind of marriage that makes my kids want to get married."  -Emily Wierenga

I Want the Kind of Marriage

Yes! I want to have a beautiful, happy marriage and I want my future children to know that I love my future husband. Love is the most important thing in life and I think it's worth showing.