Easy Watermelon Sorbet Recipe - Easy to make and delicious to eat!  A great treat for a hot summer day.

Easy Watermelon Sorbet Recipe

This Easy Watermelon Sorbet Recipe makes a perfect dessert or afternoon treat, especially on a hot summer day!

Thermomix: Lemon Pudding Cakes

An airy layer of cake sits on top of a luscious, creamy lemon pudding. Get our Lemon Pudding Cake recipe.from real simple mag

Green Apple Sorbet, thermomix

Green Apple Sorbet I just made this. Next time, I would probably only use 1 cup sugar as it was a little too sweet. Also the base of this recipe is like making homemade apple sauce. For a quick fruit sorbet, just add apple sauce to an ice cream machine!

Peach sorbet

Scoops of sorbet that look like citrus fruit. the cinderella project: because every girl deserves a happily ever after: Sorbet-Land

Dairy Free Fudgsicles!!   (Made with Avocados.)  #glutenfree #dairyfree #paleo #vegan #dessert #summer

Dairy Free Fudgsicles. (Made with Avocados!) (Real Sustenance)

Dairy-Free Fudgsicles (Made with Avocados!) 2 avocados (remove pit and skin) cup + 1 Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder (Hershey's special dark is my favorite!) cup milk (dairy or nondairy) *I used almond.

Thermomix cleaning tips for new owners, easy peasy!

Thermomix Cleaning Tips

Easy Thermomix cleaning is one reason to love the machine. Even better with these Thermomix cleaning tips and links to popular cleaning tools.

Bell Bliss: 5 tips for cooking quinoa

Bell Bliss: 5 tips for cooking quinoa. Add the right amount of liquid Use chicken stock Use a rice cooler Flavor it as its cooking.