Koala, dans l'état de Victoria, Australie

21 endangered animals you should see before they're gone [PICs] - Matador Network

Uluru Waterfalls, Australia

Cataratas de Uluru (Australia) Uluru Waterfalls in Mutitjulu, Northern Territory, Australia

Australie - Ayer's Rock -

wonderful place: Uluru, Australia (Ayer's Rock) One of the most incredible places I have visited. A sacred place for the native aborigines who now own and manage it once again.

Spectacular! Bunda Cliffs Australia

Bunda Cliffs on the Nullarbor Coast - Southern Ocean, South Australia. Next stop - Antarctica.

Une signalisation que vous ne trouverez qu'en Australie !

Hazards of the Road: Camel, wombat and kangaroo warning sign - Australia

Your in Australia : Drive on left !

Australia - Australians drive on the left (not right!

Sydney - Australie

We were married here in Joern Utzon 2003 Laureate, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia, 1973

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