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Use golf tees to stake balloons to the ground.

Use golf tees to stake balloons to the ground! Use balloons staked into the ground with golf tees to make a balloon pathway as well. Magical effect-Such a good idea for any type of party or photo shoot!

dottie angel frocks

the deep pockets on these dresses are precious & so practical. I love a lot of Dottie Angels dresses

i love these house dresses by dottie angel

floral frocks : : dottie angel Hrubec Hrubec Hrubec Anderson Jackson Could you help me make a pattern for one of these?

Directions on how to make a Swedish fire log.

It is called the swedish fire log. pour and soak for a few days or weeks. then when you need it start it on fire and you have a fire log that last for hours. we did this in the snow when we had parties or people over to keep warm.