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A very rare late Caughley bottle or flask. Decorated underglaze with the “Birds in Branches” pattern and a fretted key type border to the neck. Unmarked Curca 1795 Height 5”

A Caughley fluted trio finely decorated with the “L’amitie” with two doves within a fancy gilt cartouche. Gilt and polychrome border Unmarked Circa 1790

A rare Caughley asparagus server painted with chantilly sprigs. Unmarked Circa 1785 Length 7.5 cm

A Caughley miniature trio painted with the Island pattern. s mark Circa 1775 Width of saucer 2 3/4”

A Caughley miniature tea bowl and saucer painted in blue with the “ Island” pattern S mark to tea bowl Circa 1780Width of saucer 2 3/4”

A rare miniature Caughley sparrow beak jug printed with the “Fisherman” pattern. S mark Circa 1775 Height 2 “

A Caughley cup and saucer printed with the Fisherman pattern. S Mark Circa 1780