Nakita Odendaal

Nakita Odendaal

Nakita Odendaal
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Potted Chocolate Mint Pudding by handleheat, via Flickr

individual dessert to accompany my herbal/botanical themed wedding. These "potted" chocolate mint pudding's are just so sweet and I really cannot think of a better individual dessert to be served at the tables

obvs can't just scroll by these blush and gold champagne flutes #BBWeddings #StyleMePretty

New Years eve this could be beautiful too! I love a good glass of Rosé, and this gold sugar rim is clever! Party Reflections has different style of champagne flutes - would be beautiful in the Pure Collection we have.

Feel like this will be much harder than how easy they make it look, but still worth a pin!

Piping a Flower on a CupcakeA cupcake top is the perfect spot to plant a flower! Think of the circular surface as a flower nail on which you can pipe petal