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Why do old dolls always seem to have one bad eye?

Automatonophobia refers to an irrational fear of objects that falsely imitate a living, conscious being. Common examples include dolls, wax figures, puppets, and ventriloquist dummies.

(Mia's fear) Monophobia. The fear of being alone

The fear of being alone

A photographer took 12 stunning pictures to capture how depression and anxiety can feel. "A captive of my own mind. The instigator of my own thoughts. The more I think, the worse it gets. The less I think, the worse it gets. Breathe. Just breathe. Drift. It'll ease soon." Photo and caption by Katie Crawford.

12 photos to depicting what anxiety feels like Katie Crawford My Anxious Heart Photos Anxiety Disorder

Beautiful self-portraits by Kyle Thompson

Sometimes it just takes one. A stunning series of self-portraits by photographer Kyle Thompson. Minimal effects, an occasional action, simple props, a.