Lisa Symons
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Love this idea! You can adapt it even for needing to use two strategies depending on the situation/problem.

Test Prep- Remind students that they are in control by making a video game controller and writing best test taking strategies on various buttons! One student in particular would love this.

Sensory help

Great alternatives to self-harm and self-injurious stimming behavior for those of us with SPD and ASD. (Good ideas for those who have depression/anxiety and use this as a way to deal with that too!

Simple sheet that can be worked through with a pupil to help identify their strengths and the things they enjoy or feel good about. This can then be shared among staff or displayed on their workstation. Plain design with room to personalise with a self portrait.

Start thinking about your strengths - positive chart (originally designed for middle school exercise - but can be easily adapted for CBT, DBT, coaching & self care use)

restorative practice image …

restorative practice image … not sure I like all the questions, but good inspiration to design my own for emotional regulation or chain for target behaviors