Laundry closet

This is what our laundry will look like. Need open shelf for detergent & enough room for small clothes horse. I refuse to use hangers because of the marks they leave in shoulders! U can make a small laundry space look nice

Small Laundry Room Design. How to design a beautiful laundry room in a small space. #laundryRoom #SmallLaundryRoom From Decorating your Small Space.

10 Awesome Ideas for Tiny Laundry Spaces Small laundry-room-organization. Breadboards, baskets, a removable surface.

Frosted White glass backsplash in laundry room: Found at

Frosted White Glass Subway Tile

Great sink for the laundry room. Love that sink . Love the whole laundry room! How about two laundry rooms . One small one with stackables like this and a bigger one ?

notice how the three drawers are in a frame.

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Hide away laundry room. There are poles up inside the soffit, running the full width of the area for items that can't be put in the dryer. The houses hide outlets and give access to hookups under the counter. All the doors in this area are old wood garage doors.

Is enclosing a laundry area in the garage a good idea? At least we could re-use the bi-fold doors

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