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Flannel Bunny Rabbit

Rabbit towel folding This looks like the Boo Boo Bunnies we had when we were kids. You put ice in the body part and use it as an ice pack for kids.

paper pineapple @Nanette * Gourmet Worrier For D!

For the pineapple lover: cute and fun pineapple origami! Great for making at home with the help of the little ones for an arts & crafts day.

toilet paper origami

This toilet paper origami heart looks simple to make but there are a few tricky steps. You need to make the folds exactly the same to get a symmetrical heart which is not lopsided or skewed.

Toilet Paper Origami

Blumentopf Toilet Paper Origami - LOL the comic might come home to this, I know you like the simple fold at hotels/when you cleaned houses.

Celtic vows

Celtic vows - that is awesome! I like this so much better than the traditional "christian" vows!