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Different ways to say "went"

Free Ways to Say 'Went' Display Poster. I don't know if I've already pinned this, though it wouldn't hurt to emphasize my point if I have. DON'T KEEP SAYING 'WENT'!

Writing! :)

8 Simple Steps To Become A Great Writer: Write 50 words. That’s a paragraph. Write 300 pages. Write every day. That’s a habit. Edit and rewrite. That’s how you get better. Spread your writing for people

other ways to say... by lara.long

descriptive words other words to use. be still my heart! I love using a variety of descriptive words. This list, in the words of Mrs.Riley -my high school English teacher, is a plethora of words :-)

Use to understand the tone for any article or scene - or to capture exactly what tone it is you're looking for as you write.

Use this page to help you understand the "tone" for any article or story that we read in class. If you understand the author's tone, you will most likely understand the main idea (informational or .

Collective nouns for animal groups

Funny pictures about Collective nouns for animals. Oh, and cool pics about Collective nouns for animals. Also, Collective nouns for animals.