Jacaranda trees in Australia. Breathtaking in real life.

Let Us Enjoy The Nature -Jacaranda Street, Sydney, Australia. Purple flowers on the jacaranda tree. Jacaranda tree lined street.


Smashing graphic design inspiration

Week 3 Negative space + focal point The negative space on this poster gives my eyes a place to rest, while the colorful effect masked over Australia stands out

Shark Island - Sydney, Australia #sydney #australia

Shark Island - Sydney, Australia This would be a cool destination, I want to visit Australia, and Frank likes sharks!

Governing Australia: three levels of law-making...Image of Australia highlighting Melbourne 1901, Australia's first federal Parliament

Governing Australia: three levels of law-making.Image of Australia highlighting Melbourne Australia's first federal Parliament

Melbourne - Australia headed here in less than 12 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A view of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, by Atilla, showing St Patrick's Cathedral and hot air balloon overhead: "Watch Out For The Pointy Bit"

Animals of Australia-A Collection of Webquests

Did you know koalas have fingerprints much like us? Have you heard of the laughing kookaburra? This set of internet searches has a lot of fun and interesting facts about the amazing animals of 18 page package includes worksheets for 5 student .