I really like this style of documentation for parents.

A simple way of sharing weekly learning opportunities and outcomes with parents.

Outdoor learning documentation

Outdoor learning documentation - great for newsletter or hanging in hallway/classroom

I like the tree on the wall. There are many ideas you can do with it.

Pin 6 - Reflecting and valuing families in the learning environment creates connectedness and a sense of belonging.

How is your third teacher teaching...? Lots of ideas and questions to get you thinking Interaction Imagination

Boulder Journey School- "creating space for play that is attractive - to adults and children. Displaying images of the children to make their learning through play visible to the children and parents.

My quest this year was to create a more organised environment in my classroom. A space that allowed for natural expression through various forms of play as well as a space that was organised and wa…

Reggio and Documentation

Children use documentation to reflect on and direct their work @ Garden Gate Child Development Center

More ideas