Nayna Sheikh

Nayna Sheikh

Sydney, Australia
Nayna Sheikh
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Flowering Bonsai

Bonsai is the art of keeping miniature trees. These are flowers bonsai tree, which look huge and great in any color.The bonsai tree is a great creature of God.

“Just love everyone. I’ll sort ’em out later” – God

“Just love everyone. I’ll sort ’em out later” – God Seriously though why don't people live this way?

why so disappointed in society (or when capitalist corporations make billions off of movies/series about disenfranchisement with capitalist corporations)

Truest thing about our society I've ever read. Ugh, I love Rami Malek.

Black And White Tattoo Social

Tiny to big, black and white or colorful, our Tattoo Inspiration is brimming with creative permanent, temporary and Henna tattoo ideas.