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Jack-O'-Lanterns in a Jiffy

Turn orange tissue-paper balls into proper Halloween pumpkins that can line your front porch. Simply cut facial features and stems from construction paper and apply to the balls with glue dots. RELATED: 19 Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Halloween

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German firefighters being tested on their ability to source a sound in the dark me guys, I got this!

I am crying. This is too funny.

Funny pictures about Cinderella Plot Twist. Oh, and cool pics about Cinderella Plot Twist. Also, Cinderella Plot Twist photos.

Gotta love music humor… I appreciate the fact I can read music. Makes this funny :)

lol "this would probably a lot funnier if I could read sheet music" It's funny if you can read music, (I can)

Because Tumblr #funny #lol #humor

There's a few spicy words sprinkled in there so if you can't handle the heat don't read but HAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOSH SO FUNNY (I'm not challenging you be smart if you really shouldn't be reading curse words then don't)

These 24 Comics Are Incredibly Twisted but so Brilliant

These 24 Comics Are Incredibly Twisted but so Brilliant --- esp.Toy Sory and bed-time story>>>>>Not mine just thought id share

Top 35 Funniest Quotes and Funny Photos | Quotes and Humor

Funny Animal Memes funny memes animals dog meme lol funny quotes funny sayings humor funny animals

My school has some good humor

I AM.wishing my school would do something like this so I could copy these kids responses because i love them with all my heart<<< I'd put I am The Doctor

The Adventures Of God: Comics Collection

The Adventures Of God: Comics Collection<< I'm totally religious and I find these totally hilarious XD