Ned Kelly Australian Outlaw

Edward "Ned" Kelly (June 1854 or 1855 – 11 November was an Irish Australian bushranger. Kelly's legacy is controversial; some consider him to be a murderous villain, while others view him as a folk hero and Australia's equivalent of Robin Hood.

The Kelly Gang - L - R - Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, Steve Hart - below is Joe Byrne

(facing, clockwise from top left): Ned Kelly on the day before he was hanged 10 November Dan Kelly about Steve Hart Joe Byrne's body being photographed after the siege at Glenrowan 29 June

Ned Kelly

Edward "Ned" Kelly (June 1854 or 1855 – 11 November was an Irish Australian bushranger. He is considered by some to be merely a cold-blooded killer, while others consider him to be a folk hero and symbol of Irish Australian resistance.

Ned Kelly

Australian outlaw Ned Kelly dressed in a homemade suit of metal armor. Kelly has been mythologized as a "Robin Hood" character, a political icon, and a figure of Irish Catholic and working-class resistance to the establishment and British colonial ties.

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly the greatest bush ranger and gentleman in Australia

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Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger outlaw and gunned down by police. He made this armour to protect himself

Circulated throughout Victoria and the Riverina district of New South Wales, petitioners for Ned’s reprieve signed forms like this. When the petition was presented to Parliament, more than 32,000 men, women and children had signed. Another 28,000 signatures are said to have been collected by the day of Ned’s execution. The Victorian Government attempted to discredit the sheer volume of signatures by labelling the participants as undesirables made up of ruffians and the dregs of society.

The Edward (Ned) Kelly and Related Papers as found in the Public Record Office Victoria

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