Roll-An-Aboriginal-Dreaming Game - Multicultural Collage A

Teach Art: Aboriginal Art History Game {NAIDOC Week Activities & Art Sub Plans}

"Roll-An-Aboriginal-Dreaming Game - Multicultural Collage Art Activity!"  But use it in a less culturally-abusive way. More study and appreciation, than fill in the blank with somebody else's sacred symbols

Teach Art: Aboriginal Art History Game {NAIDOC Week Activities & Art Sub Plans}

Check out, "Roll-An-Aboriginal-Dreaming Game - Multicultural Collage Art Activity!" It's a fun game you can play with your upper elementary students to create a collage/painting using neutral colors.

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Aboriginal Art For Kids

Sticky dot map of Australia craft Kids love stickers almost as much as they love lollies. Why not combine stickers with an educational activity and get them to create their own dot sticker art on a map of Australia.

Boogalah A game where a ball, made of sewn-up kangaroo skin, is thrown in the air. Whoever catches it goes with all of their totem group into a group in the middle, the others are circling around. The ball is thrown into the air until one of the circle outside catches it. Then both groups change positions. The totem keeping it longest wins.

Traditional Aboriginal games have many benefits and enjoy growing interest.Here’s a collection and brief description of many traditional games.

NAIDOC Week 2014 - Reading List #WeNeedDiverseBooks

NAIDOC Week 2014 - ( In Australia a celebration of Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islanders rich culture )Reading List.This includes picture books for young children.

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