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tattoo birds on shoulder - Google Search

I am going to get six birds on my collar bone to symbolize my dad, my mom, my three sisters, and my brother. I would have it placed on my left side of my collar bone if that makes sense lol

tattoo birds flying - Google Search

Cool and clever piece of birds flying on the wrist. Comments comments Related posts: Birds Neck Tattoo Cute Lower Back Tattoo: Birds Kissing Wrist Tattoo about Faith Lion and Birds Tattoo on Shoulder

tattoo birds flying - Google Search

I have a small bird tattoo on the wrist, but I think that if I've ever get more tattoos I'd start with expanding this into a proper, natural-looking flock, a bit like this but

tattoo writing font - Google Search

Here are two new calligraphy fonts that I LOVE from type foundry Veer. Buffet script and Feel script by Alejandro Paul. Feel script is based on Rand Holub's calligraphy and Feel script is based on Alf Becker, one of America's best sign lettering artist.