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One of the best Skate 3 Game Fails I've seen.

Game Fails: Skate 3 "Looks like he'll have to settle for the bronze"


Jacksepticeye-- I love him. He's hilarious and not horrible to look at. I love his energy, his accent and his commentary.

Favourite YouTuber

Jack septic eye : check out his skate 3 videos

Just the 6 of Us: Minecraft Birthday Party for the 8 year old boy

Minecraft Bowling (can make ramp and then in box, just put some characters that the kids have to knock down with rolling balls)

Tie Dye Pancakes Great 8 Year Old Girl Birthday Party Ideas: Tie Dye Party!

This groovy tie dye party is the perfect 9 year old birthday party idea! This post gives you a complete order of events, craft and birthday cake ideas so you can host your own tie dye party!

guess the number of candy. 8 year olds are NOT GOOD at this but they loved getting the jars as prizes to share with their families. Hobby Lobby has really cheap glass containers for this.

I hosted a Halloween party for the kiddos in my neighborhood this year and loved it. We ended up with fifteen kids and it was crazy but fun.