early church

the early church is the most important artistic time period in my opinion. we can follow these actions throughout our whole lives and always aim towards them for the future. the most important aspects are giving, wanting, repentance, righteousness,importance, staying together, believing in the "author" of life, these are just few of the important aspects
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Jesus began his public ministry in the Roman province of Judea c. 28 CE, the “Jesus movement” became one of several competing Jewish religious/political movements of the time

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Ruins with a Scene of the Apostle Paul Preaching /Giovanni Paolo Panini

Did Messiah Eat the Passover the Night Before He Died? - this incredibly in-depth study answers this question and several others regarding the hours leading up to the Messiah's death. And looks at not only the Passover lamb, but also the red heifer.

Women in the Early Church -- newly restored fresco within the Catacombs of Priscilla ☩

The arrival of the apostles to the Virgin (Fragment), 1308 - 1311 - Duccio

Peter Preaching the Gospel in the Catacombs by Jan Styka

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