Australians love their sport and the rivalry with NZ is second to none...particularly in the netball!

Netball is my favourite sport because I get to socialize with many people and I get to learn more team dynamics and how to work well with new people and it helps me stay fit.

ANZ Championship legend Temepara George playing for the Mystics. Who's your favourite ANZ Championship player?

Temepara George in ANZ Championships - Mystics v Tactix

Netball is a very popular competitive and social sport for this generation, there is a position for every player short or tall, fit or unfit.

Mystics' rugby-style lift has netball world abuzz

Mystics defender Anna Harrison being hoisted in the air to repel a goal-bound shot in yesterday's ANZ Championship game came as a shock to most - but not Dawn Jones.

AT THE end of Melbourne Vixens match practice last Friday night, first-year shooter Karyn Howarth missed the deciding goal from close range. Her sanction: court sprints.    Read more:

Julie Corletto v Romelda Aiken, Melbourne Phoenix v Queensland Firebirds, ANZ Championships, May 2012

Irene van Dyk (left) of New Zealand shoots during the 2012 Quad Series match between the host New Zealand Silver Ferns and South Africa

MSN Week in Sports Photos

Irene Van Dyk This lady is my Idol and has been for as long as I can remember. She is my role model and I respect her so much. Her netball skills amaze me and in my wildest dreams I'd love to be as good as her I love her so much xxx

#Netball Players with Goals Succeed in Denim  Poster with motivational #quote

Netball Players with Goals Succeed in Denim Poster

Soccer hair

Darya Klishina zine is a Russian long jumper. Find more pictures, news and articles about Darya Klishina here.

FORMER Australian netball skipper Sharelle McMahon says she'd hate to be trying to shoot against the Melbourne Vixens, whose defensive combination is fast becoming the most formidable in the trans-Tasman competition.

5 Netball Shooting Drills for Training - Good Netball Drills

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Have fun through Netball drills Netball drills is a good game which is liked by many players. Netball drills involves the use of ball among many players. Netball drills is a unique game which provides.

Gilbert Flash Ladies Netball Dress £37.99 #netball #netballdress

Gilbert Flash Ladies Netball Dress £37.99 #netball #netballdress

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I've played netball for appx 8yrs and I love the game and competition. I enjoy being able to get fit while also being able to socialise with a group of people who love the game as much as you do

It's moments like this you never forget. until another greater moment takes its my picture but I do play netball☺️

Had a reeeeeeally hungry day today so have gone well over my daily points. But on the plus side it was my first session back playing netball and it was fab! The new trainers did the trick and supported the dodgy ankle. No trips or falls today! Whoop!

No need to win or lose just have lots of fun playing netball especially keep calm and play netball!

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Flared Denim popping up everywhere I was wondering when this would come back in style.I love my flare jeans! And one more reason for me to work out regularly :-)

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flair jeans and moto jacket pinned with Bazaart

Emmanuelle Alt in flare jeans + leather jacket. Flare Jeans are my favourite!