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Mrs. Miracle's Music Room: TSI Song and dance Sesere eey also in ABC Sing 2013

Miracle's Music Room: Song and dance {Three great activities for your older students} Great visualizations of the movements!

Sesere eeye (TSI) see also YouTube

Sesere eeye (TSI) see also YouTube


Looking for ways to assess high/low in preparation for sol-mi in the elementary music room? This file contains a one page sample of my larger High and Low - Ready Set Print! You can find the full set here: High and Low {Ready Set Print!


This 3 in a row/column/diagonal BINGO allows beginning staff readers to focus on the 9 staff patterns on their card (unlike typical BINGO which includes 25

From the front of the choir: Easy songs for your choir 2: rounds, chants, call & response

From the front of the choir: Easy songs for your choir rounds, chants, call & response

These printable Baroque music cards feature six composers and their most famous pieces. I love how easy this makes learning about composers and music.

These printable Baroque Music cards will help you and your kids become more familiar with composers and music from the past. Just print them, play the pieces and match the cards, composers, and pieces of music.