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Property development mezzanine finance: Get funding at higher LVRs. A range of options available, our mezzanine finance specialist can assist you.

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Construction loan Australia. Get your construction done without the fuss of dealing with the construction loan process. Get help from a specialist construction loan mortgage broker.

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Chinese property investors predicted to invest billions more in Australian real estate 2015 - Oak Laurel

People on 457 visas in Australia can borrow to buy a property. Find out how.

People on 457 visas in Australia can borrow to buy a property. Find out how.

Low Aussie Dollar to Increase Australian Property Prices

Changes to negative gearing rules were ruled out by Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia on Thursday 16 April

Doctor home loan Australia. Are you a doctor? You could get a special deal on your home loan with some lenders. Oak Laurel specialize in home loans for doctors.

Special home loans for doctors in Australia. Medical doctors can get an interest rate discount and avoid paying Lenders mortgage Insurance on home loans.

Chiropractor home loans. A Chiropractor home loan is a deal that some lenders offer to Chiropractors. A Chiropractor home loan is where special concession are given to Chiropractors. For example Chiropractors can have Lenders Mortgage Insurance waived for home loans up to 90% loan to property value ratios (90% LVRs). Chiropractors can also get excellent discounts on the normal interest rates.

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Oak Laurel mortgage brokers in Melbourne.

Oak Laurel mortgage brokers in Melbourne.

95% Investment property loans; 90% LVR Investment loans

The Bank of America-Merrill Lynch economist Saul Eslake predicts that the Reserve Bank of Australia's (RBA's) cash rate cut will create further house price inflation in Australia. On 4 Feb 2015 the Reserve Bank of Australia…