Paleo lollies

These Paleo Lollies are perfect for kids, actually for everyone! We love them! They are a great high protein snack and they are just YUM!

paleo raw blueberry lemon cheesecake recipe

Paleo raw blueberry lemon cheesecake

raw salted caramel cake2

Raw salted caramel cake

Really anything with the words salted and caramel in it is guaranteed to be amazing! It might just be the best Raw Salted Caramel Cake ever!

paleo date chia and maca balls1

Paleo Date, Chia and Maca Balls


easy paleo ANZAC biscuits

This Easy Paleo ANZAC Biscuit Recipe is all kinds of delicious! We enjoy them all year round! They taste even better without the rolled oats!


One minute paleo chocolate cake

Need a healthy sweet treat recipe fast? This easy one minute paleo chocolate cakes is amazing! So quick and easy to make. It takes one minute!

paleo raw choc raspberry cake_feature

Paleo raw choc raspberry cake

Officially the best paleo cake! You have got to try this Paleo Raw Choc Raspberry Cake. It's so delicious and full of nourishing ingredients!

paleo chunky nut cookies recipe

Paleo chunky nut cookies

Paleo Sweet Potato Fritters. via @themmsisters

Paleo sweet potato fritters

Get our recipe for Paleo Sweet Potato Fritters! Oh so delicious, oh so amazing! The perfect breakfast or side for your next delicious meal!

paleo mango vanilla raspberry raw cake

Paleo mango vanilla raspberry raw cake

paleo mango vanilla raspberry raw cake (gluten and sugar free) from The Merrymaker Sisters