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Thinking and Learning in Room 122: What is the Story of Me?                                                                                                                                                                                 More
* I recently discovered It is an inspiring blog about creative  projects for kindergarten and beyond, run by Hannah. She is  a talented  former art gallery and museum curator from the UK who currently works as an art teacher in Vienna, Austria. Hannah’s students are preschool children aged between three and six. * * On her blog, Hannah wrote: “I … … Continue reading →
Reggio Documentation: This is so beautiful and so simple.  The children's self portraits hanging from a tree branch.
Self portrait display
Good idea for a self portrait display- take kids pics to go with their self portrait
I love self-portraits. It always amazes me how much each child's personality comes out in their drawings. I constantly have parents aski...
Invitation to explore pattern & shape... chalk drawings on off-cut vinyl,  pebbles rocks & glass nuggets (",)
Gross Motor Equipment Poster. For more Play pins visit: ≈ ≈
Mark making activity. Mark making ideas for early years. Homeschooling. Activities with cars. Toddlers. Learning through play
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