Pin 10 - Having a QIP (quality improvement plan) area would be able to ensure that the educators are learning too. This would also display to parents the learning that educators are doing to make the centre better for the children.

Secrets to Successful Potty Training: How to Potty Train a Toddler – Fast and Easy (Parenting Children, Toilet Training, Stress Free, A Parent’s Guide)

Question of the month display

Another parents wall item. Parent engagement is so important. Small things like this can help parents and teachers communicate better.

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Pin These jars are a way for parents to provide feedback on various aspects of the centre. It can be either signed or anonymous. Educators can consider the feedback and adjust learning accordingly.

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7 Quality Areas. explaining to families ≈≈ This concept can be used to explain the Reggio Approach or any other school philosophy ≈≈

As part of the Quality Improvement Plan, the team at Steel St have worked together to develop an attractive foyer which will be welcoming but also informative.

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I like this idea for displaying the different cultures in our class. Some countries will have multiple students.