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This textile art is of Boab trees after a bushfire. It was started in a Gloria Loughman workshop in 2013 but is still 'a work in progress'. Its next on the 'to do' list. The work still needs to be hand stitched which should bring it to life. I am happy with my fabric choice & colour scheme.


Adorable great nephew seems to like the animal quilt I made for him.

Completed quilt in the hands of my laughing great nephew. I figure he'll grow into it.

Some more quilt blocks for a baby quilt. Photo shows the quilt in progress.

First quilt for my niece Nina to celebrate the birth of her first born. This photo shows some of the blocks used before they were sewn together.

My first quilt creation thrown over the rail over the deck that overlooks my other creation ... the garden.

This is a work in progress started in a Gloria Loughman workshop in 2013, set aside, then picked up again in March 2015. The design is not mine, but the fabric, colours choice & stitching is mine.

This portion of the unfinished textile shows waves and the coral underneath. Still completing the stitching in March 2015.

Detail of work in progress: showing coral and stitching experimentation. Background fabric (silk) is more purple than displayed in this photo.

Detail: Trees, rocks & sandy waters. Work in progress. My fabric & stitching choice. Still stitching.