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If anyone would like the CWA 1914 recipe for ANZAC biscuits, yearn no more. It's from Jam Drops and Marble Cake

CWA Coconut & Jam slice ( scroll down page for recipe)

Our town had a funeral this week. This is the sort of funeral I don’t mind – an old lady, well-loved, dying of old age after a full life. Country funerals are always well attended, and …

CWA Australia recipes • from Joyously Domestic: Crispy Potato Roast potato recipe here

Thanksgiving Dinner Side Recipe of the Day: Crispy Potato Roast II Venture away from the usual mashed potato side this holiday and try this amazingly crispy roasted potatoes. with bacon!

CWA Australia recipes • Exclusively Food: Rissoles Recipe • Australian beef rissoles recipe with grated vegetables added with good reviews here

These beef and vegetable patties have a flavoursome browned crust and moist interior. We serve them in bread rolls with salad and sauce, o.

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