Sydney Opera House is a stunningly beautiful structure in Sydney which is a must visit place in Australia. Here are some key Sydney Opera House facts.

cute koala

Kids and Koala Bears - Australian Family Outings

Koalas are very selective when it comes to Eucalyptus leaves. Eucalyptus leaves contain oodles of compounds for Koalas. Eucalyptus leaves offer huge water availability for Koalas. They also have proteins, tannins, fiber, starch and sugar as well.


Sydney is the state capital and the most populated city in Australia. it has a gorgeous coast line and beautiful places to visit such as Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Great Ocean Road, Australia Photograph by Jeremie Noel Eight towering limestone monoliths make up the Twelve Apostles that sit on Great Ocean Road in southeastern Australia.

sunset in Adelaide <3

sunset in Adelaide

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