Are you dreaming or planning on a perfectly organised home?
When it is dark and rainy outside it is hard to remember that the sun actually is shining our way!
Time to get that box ticked on the to do list?  Stop procrastinating and do something about your situation!
Not too much, not too little. This is what we in Sweden call "lagom" and in Finland "sopiva". It can be hard to find the balance, but after guidance and practice anyone can master it!
Start organising today!  A year from now you may wish you had started today - Karen Lamb
Take time to charge your batteries when you're sick. Make sure you have time to recuperate properly!
Don't set the bar too high!   And never be afraid to ask for help!
Cash, unopened letters and gift vouchers are things that are often re-discovered during sessions. However, most of the gift vouchers are well and truly expired and the bills in the letters are already overdue...
Do you and your kids keep track of where all the toys are at?  Try One in One out with your kids after Birthday parties, X-mas and other events.
Let your first decision be to get started!

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