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All posters from internet contain Heath Ledger's Joker with the quote. Description from I searched for this on

There is a line that is all over internet attributed as being said by the Joker: Smile because it confuses people. Smile because it's easier than explaining what's killing you inside.

I don't want to push you away, my baby. Every day I get that bit better but it will be a tough journey until my broken soul is fixed. I only hope that you can stick by me through this last hurdle so I can begin my life anew and I can heal.

Everyday is a struggle to feel "normal" and I don't get what's wrong with me. I'm happy and feeling good one moment and then bam I'm sad and feeling lonely a second later.

Depressing short poem

Look at my eyes and you will feel my pain and if you look closer you will see the true me not the fake smile person I pretend to be

But the best part is when it all starts to come bk together and life is AMAZING!!! Oh yes it happens and without Yu knowing!! Xx

More like "The loneliest moment in my life is when I'm watching my whole world fall apart, and all I can do is stare blankly"