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Life with Borderline Personality Disorder

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Do you know there could be people you know struggling from depression that have considered taking their own life. You could be living with that person and don't even realize it. Too many people are dying by their own hands.

:) I was thinking this when I noted a women at my local gym had matche her trainers with her ear rings. I wonder haw many other women would of notice. And (I suspect) I was the only man who did and probably only likely man to take note.

This is such a profound statement. So many people reach out and we are so wrapped up in our lives that we don't see it. Not necessarily our family but just people that cross our paths. Just a kind word might make the difference to them... So very true

This is what I want to say to everyone who "tries" to comfort me... I am NOT BROKEN, I WILL make it through this, YOUR "comforting words" do not help me, and if you really want to help then just keep your mouth shut and JUST LISTEN to what I have to say.